The Silver Scrolls (Isaiah 40:8)

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The Bible has been wonderfully and accurately preserved. Copies of portions of the New Testament, dating to within 50 years of the original manuscripts, have been found, and they coincide with what we have today.

A recent archeological report in the science magazine Discovery contained amazing findings about the Old Testament. Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, the oldest Hebrew manuscripts dated about AD 900. The Dead Sea Scrolls, in startling agreement with the Masoretic text, dated to about 150 BC. But now archeologists have discovered a pair of tiny silver scrolls that date back to about 600 BC! While digging at the site of a 5th-century church in Jerusalem, researchers found a Roman legionnaires’ cemetery. Exploring still deeper, they found a small burial cave containing the scrolls. Very carefully, less than a hundredth of an inch at a time, the scrolls were unrolled. On each of them appeared an excerpt from the book of Numbers that included the word Jehovah. And these scrolls date back to the days before the exile to Babylon, earlier than liberal scholars supposed that the Pentateuch had even been written!

Discoveries like that strengthen the faith of Christians already have. But when a secular magazine like Discovery reports such a find, it speaks to a skeptical and disbelieving world as well. In either case, the silver scrolls reaffirm our confidence that the Bible can be trusted as the inspired inerrant Word of God. – David C. Egner

I’ll trust in God’s unchanging Word
Till soul and body sever;
For though all things shall pass away,
His World shall stand forever. – Anon.

The Bible dominates the world and challenges the centuries.
– May 27, 1987, Our Daily  Bread

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