Danger: Beware! (Proverbs 14:12)

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When some pipes underneath my house broke last spring, I decided to fix them myself. So I got down into the crawl space to locate the problem. As I was crouching in several inches of water, I noticed a loose wire that was in my way. Just as I grabbed it, my brother-in-law, who was watching me through an opening, shouted, “Don’t touch that wire! It’s hot!” But it was too late. If the end hadn’t been well-taped, that harmless-looking wire could have killed me.

Another kind of peril is far greater than touching an electric wire. It’s the danger of getting involved with cults that do not honor Christ as God, or the hazard of dabbling with the occult. Many people see no harm in joining such groups. Some even say it’s all right for a person to believe whatever seems to help him, no matter how much God’s Word opposes it.

To see through the fallacy of this line of reasoning, we need only to recall the deaths of 900 people in Guyana who drank poison because their leader Jim Jones ordered them to. Or to think of the terribly disheartened people in our society whose depression stems from their involvement in fortune-telling, spiritism, or some other form of witchcraft. No wonder God warned Israel against all forms of the occult, and told them how to detect a false prophet!

Yes, there are many ways that seem right but end in death. We must learn to be on guard against them. All forms of spiritism and any group or leader that denies Christ’s deity should be treated with extreme caution. – Herbert Vander Lugt

The world is full of false prophets

Who pose as “angels of light”;

They lure weak souls by their tactics

From that which is truthful and right. – H. G. Bosch

Error is often dressed in the garb of truth.

  • June 2, 1985, Our Daily Bread