Talented Misfits (Romans 12:6)

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According to a 16-year study of 350,000 people, four out of five have jobs that don’t match their abilities. The survey also suggests that the most commonly used guidelines for hiring are of little value in predicting how well an applicant will do in a particular position. Youth, education, experience, race, and gender are not the primary ingredients to success, the researcher said. What makes a person either fit or unfit for a job are the inner aptitudes for certain types of work.

A right kind of “inner chemistry” is also essential to our effectiveness in the Lord’s work. Secondary factors have their place. God does outline gender and experience as requirements for certain kinds of ministry, but He puts the primary emphasis on qualities that go deeper than appearance, age, or academic degrees. He wants us to use the unique traits He has built into us. We function best and accomplish the most for the Lord when we do the task we’ve been made to do. It’s fruitless and frustrating to try to be something we are not.

With God’s help, each of us has to discover and confirm these gifts. Some of us might feel uncomfortable doing these. It’s hard for them to talk their strengths. But that misses the point. These are not abilities we can take credit for. They are capacities that the Creator Himself has put within us for our good and to fulfill His purpose.

Having discovered our talents, let’s offer them back to God and build up His church by doing the right job. – Martin R. De Haan II

Find out what God would have you do

And do that little well,

For what is great and what is small

The Lord alone can tell. – Anon.

Too many people make a grave mistake by burying their talents.

  • June 5, 1988, Our Daily Bread