Wow! (Exodus 15:11)

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One blustery day in June, our family, holidaying in the Canadian Rockies, went to a tourist site billed as a “must see.” They cold wind made me reluctant to go on until I saw a group of people returning from the scenic spot. “Is it worth it?” I asked. “Definitely!” was their response. That gave us the incentive to go on. When we finally reached the spot, its beauty rendered us virtually speechless. “Wow!” was all we could manage.

Paul reached that point as he wrote about the work of God in saving Jew and Gentile in the book of Romans. Three things about God “wowed” him.

–       First, God is all-wise (11:33). His perfect plan of salvation shows that He has far better solutions to the problems of life than we are capable of devising.

–       Second, God is all-knowing. His knowledge is infinite. He needs no counselor (v. 34) and nothing surprises Him!

–       Third, God is all-sufficient (v. 35). No one can give to God what He has not first given to them. Nor can anyone even repay Him for His goodness.

We can say with Moses, “Who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders? (Exodus 15:11). What a marvelous God we serve! – C. P. Hia

By God’s grace I stand on tiptoe,

Viewing all His wonders grand,

Praising Him who freely gave me

Simple faith to understand! – Bosch

In God’s character and in His creation, we see His majesty.

  • May 30, Vol. 16, Our Daily Bread