A Message in the Stars (Psalm 19:1)

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The entire universe testifies to the existence of an all-powerful Creator and Sustainer. I believe that the design, complexity, and consistency of the natural world leads to only one reasonable conclusion: Behind it all is a wise and powerful God. Fred John Meldau expressed it this way: “If one footprint on the sand convinced Robinson Crusoe that a person was on his island, then by the same logic we know that a Creator made the world because He left, as it were, countless footprints of His activities.” And one of those “footprints” is the starry, nighttime sky.

In his book Behind the Dim Unknown, John C. Monsma wrote about the time Napoleon Bonaparte was on a ship crossing the Mediterranean Sea. He was joined on deck one starlit evening by a group of scientists who began discussing the different theories of the origin of the world. Most of them denied that the cosmos was the creative work of an all-powerful God in heaven. Napoleon listened intently, and at first made no comment. Finally, singling out one scientist who was vehemently denying the existence of God, the little General pointed to the heavens and exclaimed, “And who made those stars? Natural science? Or did they make themselves? Gentlemen, I don’t agree with you at all – not at all!

Now, we don’t know if Napoleon was a Christian, but this is sure: he had no trouble reading the message of the stars. For him, they spoke most eloquently of the existence and greatness of God! Is that how you read them? – Richard W. De Haan

The God who fashioned earth and sky,
Sun, moon, and stars beyond compare,
Cannot His workmanship deny;
His fingerprints are everywhere. – Seal

All creation is an outstretched finger pointing toward God.
– June 12, 1984, Our Daily Bread