Contrasting Standards (1 Samuel 16:7)

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The standards used by the world for measuring people differs radically from Gods standard. The news and entertainment media, for example, pay homage to the rich and famous, showing little regard for their moral or spiritual qualities. The Almighty, on the other hand, delights in virtues like humility, meekness, sincerity, reverence, and unselfishness.

 This contrast comes through clearly in today’s Scripture passage. The Jewish people held their scribe sin high regard because they were looking only on the outward appearance. These religious leaders were well-educated men who copied the Scriptures without charge while depending upon a trade for their own livelihood and upon freewill gifts. This gave them every appearance of great piety. The Lord Jesus, however, saw the scribes as men who took advantage of their position to fleece the gullible and obtain red-carpet treatment everywhere. Moreover, He observed the humble sincerity of the widow who out of love for God deposited tow small copper coins in the temple treasury, a gift that represented great sacrifice. Yet she received no recognition from the people. No wonder our Lord severely warned the scribes and commended the widow.

Let’s keep God’s standards in mind as we set out personal goals and make judgments about people around us. Remembering that He looks upon the heart, let’s be open to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and rely on Him. He will produce a lifestyle that will meet with Divine approval.Herbert Vander Lugt

O Lord, You see what’s in the heart –

There’s nothing hid from You;

So help us live the kind of life

That’s honest, good, and true. – D. J. De Haan

 If you have a distorted picture of the Christian life, you’ve let the world develop the negative.

  • June 25, 1984, Our Daily Bread