Use What You Have! (Romans 12:6)

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Most of us think that if we had more talents or money we would do more for the Lord. But this is usually an excuse for doing nothing. I’ve sometimes said to myself, “If only I were wealthy, I would send thousands of dollars to needy Christian causes.” But instead of thinking what I’d do with a million dollars, I should check to see if I’m doing the best I can with what I have right now. If we don’t do our best with the gifts we possess, we’d probably do no better if we had more.

In Jesus’ parable of the minas in Luke 19, our Lord laid down the principle that faithfulness ”in a very little (v. 17) opens the door to greater opportunity. And in the story of the widow in 1 Kings 17, a woman believed God’s promise through Elijah and shared with him the little she had. Because of this, she became God’s instrument for feeding the prophet and her own household during 3 difficult years of drought.

You may not be able to give a thousand dollars a month to missions, or to send large sums of money to help feed starving children. You may be able to make some sacrifices, however, and increase your giving by 2 percent. Maybe you’re not qualified to teach a large adult class, but you can lead a small Bible study in your home or witness to your neighbor. If you are faithful, He may give you greater opportunities and enlarge your capacities. Leave that in the Lord’s hands. Just do what you can today with what you have. – Herbert Vander Lugt

It’s not what you’d do with a million
If riches should e’er be your lot,
But what you are doing at present
With the talents and dollars you’ve got. – Anon.

If you are stingy with a small income, it’s not likely you’ll be generous with a large one.
– July 3, 1987, Our Daily Bread