Smelling the Roses (Psalm 103:2)

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Bible teacher Donald Grey Barnhouse once attended a luncheon with 30 to 40 people. Before they ate their meal, a man offered prayer and began by thanking the Lord for the food and water.

Barnhouse said he had forgotten what other things were mentioned, but he was gripped by the thanks given for water – common, ordinary drinking water. He concluded, “I then began to think of other common things for which we never thank God, and began thanking Him.”

We too forget to express our gratitude to the Lord for the commonplace things of life, even though they can be so vital to our existence. We also tend to become indifferent to the wonders of God’s handiwork in creation: the starry heavens on a moonless night, a golden sunset at the end of the day, majestic mountain peaks, tall stately trees, the music of a babbling brook, the warm rays of sunshine, or perhaps something as common, and as beautiful, as a wildflower in the field.

May we never become too busy to appreciate the ordinary things in life and to offer gratitude to God. Rather, each day let’s single out some benefit we have taken for granted. Let’s take time to smell the roses and give God thanks. – Richard W. De Haan

As endless as God’s blessings are,
So should my praises be
For all His daily goodnesses
That flow unceasingly. – Adams

Praise comes naturally to those who count their blessings.
– July 10, 1992, Our Daily Bread