A Prayer Jesus Never Prayed (Luke 11:1)

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We usually ask an expert to give us the best he or she has to offer. When we’re with a successful banker, we ask how to invest our money wisely. Jesus disciples asked Him, “Teach us to pray.”

Because prayer was central to Jesus’ ministry, He wanted it to be vital in theirs. So He responded by giving them what Christians call “The Lord’s Prayer.” Actually, the prayer is misnamed, for Jesus Himself could not have prayed it. As the Son of God, without sin, He could not join in the petition, “Forgive us our sins.” The prayer should be labeled “The Disciples’ Prayer.” It can serve us in the same way that an outline serves a minister when he preaches a sermon. It guides us as we pray.

 The prayer opens with an address to God: “Father.” Then follow two major sections. First, we are to worship His Person and talk to Him about His program (Luke 11:2). Second, we are to speak to the Father about His family, our need for provision, pardon, and protection (vv. 3-4).

If you need help in your prayer life, let the pattern Jesus gave His disciples guide you. As you follow it, you will learn what to ask about to the Father and how to make your requests. – Haddon W. Robinson

 Lord, teach us how to pray aright,

Oh, lead us in Your way;

We humbly bow in Your pure sight –

Lord, teach us how to pray. – Anon.

 We never graduate for the school of prayer.

  • July 7, 1985, Our Daily Bread 

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