Learning to Enjoy Worship (Psalm 122:1)

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I wish every believer enjoyed worship service as much as the devout saints who spoke the words recorded in Psalm 122. As these Israelites returned to their homes after celebrating the feast of tabernacles in Jerusalem, they would recall the joy of being in the house of the Lord. Sad to say, later in Israel’s history the situation changed greatly. Malachi declared that in his day some were so bored with their religious observances that they said, “Behold, what a weariness (Malachi 1:13).

If that’s how we feel about a service of worship, we may be inclined to blame a minister, the choir, or the song leader, when in reality the problem lies with us. Perhaps we’ve never learned how to worship. A person who knows nothing about music may go to hear a great symphony orchestra and wish he were listening to a ballgame, while his musically trained companion sits enthralled. If we are attending a church where the Word is preached and Christ is exalted but we are getting little out of the services, something is wrong with our spiritual appetite.

We can correct this problem by setting aside a quiet time every day for Scripture reading and prayer, asking the Lord to open our eyes so that we may behold wondrous things out of His law (Psalm 119:18). Then when we go to church, we should participate thoughtfully in the singing, pray with those who lead publicly, and listen attentively to the preaching. Before long we will echo the words in today’s text because we will anticipate the joy of worship. – Herbert Vander Lugt

The quiet hush of reverent hearts
Prepares us for God’s Word;
It brings a stillness to our lives
In which His voice is heard. – D. J. De Haan

If you want to be spiritually fed, go to church with a hunger for the Word.
– July 22, 1984, Our Daily Bread