An Eternal Future (John 5:24)

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Some countries are very old. Their history stretches far into the distant past. Others are fairly new to the world map. Yet, while all nations are destined to disappear, every human soul is destined to live eternally.

This prompted Clive Staples Lewis to say, “If we had foolish unchristian hopes about human culture, they are now shattered. If we thought we were building up a heaven on earth, if we looked for something that would turn the present world from a place of pilgrimage into a permanent city satisfying the soul of man, we are disillusioned, and not a moment too soon.”

Civilizations will fall, but the human soul will live on forever. And because every individual will one day stand and face God’s judgment (Hebrews 9:27), the most important question is how each of us will spend the endless ages stretching before us. Will we be with God in indescribable glory and joy? Or will we be exiled from God, lost forever in a condition too horrible for language to describe?

What a responsibility rests on believers! We must tell people that the only way to spend eternity in God’s presence is to accept His offer of forgiveness and reconciliation (John 5:24). By God’s grace, we can begin rejoicing in eternal life with Him right now! – Vernon C. Grounds

There is a place reserved in heaven
For all who have believed;
Eternal life is freely given
When humbly it’s received. – Sper

When you open your heart to Jesus, heaven is open to you.
– August 30, Vol. 10, Our Daily Bread

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