Keep the Bell Ringing! (Psalm 34:15)

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The story is told of an eastern monarch who recognized how difficult it was for the common people in his realm to come to him with their requests. Sometimes it was nearly impossible for them to make their way through the guards and attendants surrounding him.

So the king decided to become more accessible to his subjects. He had a bell installed next to his throne with a long, thin chain attached to it. He then ordered that the chain be let down through a window into the street below so that anyone could get his attention at any time just by ringing the bell.

This is a beautiful and striking picture of God’s availability to His children through prayer. Although He is surrounded by indescribable splendor and glory, His ear is open to the faintest cry of the most needy of His followers on earth. We can always “pull the chain” of intercession and have an immediate audience with the King of heaven and earth.

The writer of the book of Hebrews says that we may come “boldly to the throne of grace (4:16). No matter who we are, or whether our problem is large or small, our Lord invites us to bring all our difficulties and distresses to Him in prayer.

Christian, don’t despair. God will hear you in your time of need. Keep the prayer bell ringing! – Henry G. Bosch

We know that God is watching,
Always present, everywhere,
And with hope and joy and patience
He is waiting for our prayer. – Roworth

God’s help is only a prayer away!
– November 1, 1989, Our Daily Bread