Just Do It! (James 1:22)

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John Wesley said it well. Thousands have echoed it since. “The problem of problems is getting Christianity into the life.What is it that makes putting the Christian faith into practice so difficult? Maybe it’s because we assume that it’s enough simply to know God’s truth in our heads.

Most of us have heard more sermons than we can count. We may even take elaborate notes on what we hear. We tune in to several religious broadcasts on the radio, and we watch a few more on television. We read the Bible and read Our Daily Bread regularly. We feel good about what we know, and we are quick to debate anyone who disagrees with our understanding of Scripture.

What else is left? The answer is as simple as it is obvious: Just do it!

At the end of his initial consultation with a client, the famous psychoanalyst Alfred Adler would ask a perceptive question: “And what would you do if you were cured?” the patient would give and answer. Adler would listen, then get up, open the door, and reply, “Well, then go and do it!”

How do you get God’s truth into your life? The answer is as obvious as it is ignored. In God’s strength, and in loving obedience to Him, just do it! – Haddon W. Robinson

Help us, O Lord, to heed Your Word,
Its precepts to obey;
And may we fight the tendency
To go in our own way. – Sper

We master the Scriptures only when the Scriptures master us.
– October 24, 1993, Our Daily Bread

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