“Where’s the Baby Jesus?” (Matthew 1:21)

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It all starts happening sometimes in early November. Christmas decorations begin to adorn store windows. Newspaper ads announce “the perfect Christmas gift.” Toy commercials start punctuating television shows. Christmas music fills the air. Before you know it, there are banquets to attend, parties you can’t miss, gifts to wrap, family gatherings to plan, trees to decorate, baking to be done, and a host of other activities that manage to crowd out the real meaning of Christmas.

Delores Van Belkum told me a story about her young grandson that forcefully drives home the point. His mother and father had been instructing little Justin about the birth of Christ. They had used a simple manger scene to tell him about Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. They tried to impress on him that the child born in Bethlehem was someone very special. As the holiday approached, Justin went on a shopping trip with his mother and grandmother. One salesperson showed him a sparkling display of Santas, toys, and decorations. He was fascinated. But he spoke words that far surpassed his years when he looked and said, “But where’s the baby Jesus?

This Christmas, let’s work at keeping foremost in our minds the reason for the celebration. We need to focus not on all the commercial hype but on the birth of God’s Son into the world. Then we won’t be asked, “Where’s the baby Jesus? – David C. Egner

Let not our hearts be busy inns
That have no room for Thee,
But cradles of the living Christ
And His nativity. – Cushman

The most important part about “Christmas” is the first six letters.
– December 3, 1988, Our Daily Bread