Endangered Species (Revelation 9:18)

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Wherever man goes, he spells trouble for nature. When sailors in the 1800s stopped at the Galapagos Islands, they ate the giant tortoises they found there. But the rats and cats they brought with them did even more harm. And in this century, man’s use of DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane – an insecticide effective especially against malaria-carrying mosquitoes. It has been banned in many countries since 1974 because of its toxicity, its persistence in the environment, and its ability to accumulate in living tissue. – Microsoft®Encarta®2009) almost wiped out the bald eagle and other birds of prey.

According to National Geographic’s World magazine, scientists estimate that each day 45 different kinds of plants and animals become extinct. The primary cause? Human disruption of the environment. Experts who have studied this trend tell us that the clock of impending disaster is ticking and something must be done to stop it.

We should be concerned about this serious problem. But how much more should we be moved by the predictions of the book of Revelation! They remind us that the prophetic clock of Gods judgment is also ticking, and that a part of creation is at risk of being lost forever – not by becoming extinct but by being eternally separated from God. Man, the crown of creation, is the endangered species. All the wildlife on earth, as wonderful as it is, can never compare in value to one human soul.

Father, forgive us for caring more for the animals than for the rebels who bear Your image. – Martin R. De Haan II

Do we really care for those

Who live beneath God’s wrath?

The gospel must be shared with them

To turn them from death’s path. – Sper

A soul winner hears the sound of marching feet on their way to a lost eternity.

  • December 11, 1990, Our Daily Bread

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