Proper Preparation (Acts 20:9)

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Eutychus was probably not the first person to fall asleep listening to a preacher in a church meeting (Acts 20:9), and he certainly won’t be the last. Part of the blame can lie with the humdrum nature of the worship service and the dullness of the sermon. But other factors can also be at work.

For instance, as a boy I noticed that men who worked outdoors in the winter found the warmth of a church building most conducive to sleep. A few years later, after working 17 hours on Saturday in a meal market, I struggled to stay awake in the Sunday morning service. Saturday evening social activities can also make for slumberous Sunday mornings.

One of the keys to having a vital encounter with God on Sunday morning is proper preparation the day before. Yes, those in leadership should give much thought and prayer to every part of the worship service. But those of us who sit in the pews should also keep Sunday morning in mind as we plain our Saturday activities. Then we’ll be alert and ready to sing, pray, and take in all that is being said, including the truths given in the sermon.

We can have a fresh vision of God’s greatness and love, plus a renewed desire to do His will, if we make proper preparation for worship. – Herbert Vander Lugt

Thinking It Over

In what ways can you better prepare yourself for worshiping God? Consider these: Prayer, Bible Study, confession of sin, adequate sleep.

Worship on Sunday morning should begin on Saturday night.

  • January 11, Vol. 10, Our Daily Bread

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