Sunrise Hope (Mark 16:2)

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Think of what it would be like if we went to bed some night knowing that the sun would not rise again the next morning. Think of its coldness, the unending darkness, the inescapable fingers of death that would gradually move across the earth. Plants would wither, flowers would wilt, trees would die, and all of life would perish for lack of sunlight.

But praise God, the sun does rise every day. Its warm, life-giving light floods the earth. The “death” of a sunset each day is followed by the “resurrection” of a sunrise the next day – and our hope is renewed. Every morning the rays of the sun remind us that the long night of sin and darkness will give way to eternal day in heaven.

Even more sure than the rising of the morning sun is the certainty of our resurrection in Jesus Christ. The dark night of death came upon Him, and His lifeless body was laid in the tomb. But He arose! And in His resurrection is the promise of our own resurrection to life. The apostle Paul declared, “Even so in Christ all shall be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22).

The next time you see the sun rise and watch its rays brighten the morning sky, let hope fill your hear. It is a reminder of your own sure resurrection! – Dave Egner

Rejoice in glorious hope!

Our Lord the Judge shall come

And take His servants up

To their eternal home. – Wesley

Christ’s resurrection is the guarantee of our own.

  • April 8, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread